Welcome to Bachdi

Every spring, in our perfect  little corner of the world, something magical happens. Suddenly one day you look up and an entire mountainside has turned pink. The almond tree forest is in bloom. There are flowers and blooming trees everywhere, but this one spot… when the day’s last rays of sunlight shine on it just so, will take your breath away.

LoThis year was no different.. except that is was, a little. While nature was engaging in its usual festivities, for us humans uncertainty was the emotion de jour. Lockdown was looming, and a little adventure was in order. The almond trees were calling. 

Stratos lead the excursion with his amazing lense. When we arrived at the most perfect spot, there was  our friend Anna,  blissfully exploring with her nature loving camera. The party was complete. Chasing that perfect ray of light amidst the blooming trees – A celebration of colours, light and scents. Laughter and joy. This is where we live. This is what we do.