be the best you

Not just beautiful things to covet and wear, Bachdi is a vibe, a philosophy … wearable art. It’s a way of looking at your surroundings and expressing how you feel about yourself, the world and everything in between.

The Bachdi collection is beauty, joy and light, both intricate and easy, just like life.

Our accessories are designed, handmade and worn by amazing women like you, who are as soulful as they are restless and as delicate as they are powerful. We create pieces for that girl inside you, who loves wearing beautiful things, knows fashion, but is a unique creature … a force of nature.

Our collections are inspired by every part of your life. From your summer days and nights, adoring the sea and the sun, to your love of wild nature and even your travels and adventures in urban and professional life.

The Bachdi vibe is the colors of the sunrise in an olive grove with every different wild flower living there… the sunset over the horizon on the beach…the change in the sunlight when summer is ending… the countless shades of blue in our sea. The inspiration is endless and so is our love of creating.